Friday, May 4, 2012


Today when I wrote WHY A HURT MARIANO ISN'T ARMAGEDDON, I specifically wrote a line in that piece that I will take with me throughout the entire season.  It was "...we're the greatest team in the world and now we have a new focus...we win it all for Mariano... and we will."  Thank God for Laura Posada because she was nice enough to agree with me on Twitter today! Thank you Laura.

But it's true.  I believe it and I believe that after last night and after the smoke cleared, the Yankees realized the importance of this season now that Mariano was put on a shelf.  They knew they had to deliver.  Tonight is the beginning of that journey...they won 6-2 against the Royals.

First off, Derek Sanderson Jeter is batting .404.  Are you freaking kidding me? He either has a new girl in his life that he's not willing to reveal or the kid just finally figured it out in the batter's box.  Love the mechanics in Jeet right now. Jeet is the man and he'll always be a man...2 hits tonight for the Captain and 1 home run.  He has 5 on the season.
Mark Teixeira had 2 hits, 1 being a home run as well and I just pray that he gets into a groove now.  He's starting to hit. Thank god.

CC Sabathia went 8 innings tonight and got the win. He's 4-0 this season.  I'm just saying, the guy is a monster.  Here's his line for tonight: 8 IP, 7 H, 2 R, 5 K, 0 BB. 
Sabathia was followed by David Robertson who had 3 more strikeouts tonight, bringing his total to 21 on the season.I think... I'll need to check that.

Final Score tonight: Yankees 6 - Royals 2. A big win for the Yankees and a big win for Mariano.  It's true, I believe this is the season we do it for Mo...I can feel it!

Time for a winning streak Ladies and Gentlemen... let's get out there and get our second win tomorrow!

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