Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Brian Matusz beat the Yankees tonight. That's it. The Yankees had runners on base, or lack there of and could not get it going tonight. Sure, it's baseball, sometimes that happens, but come on now, we're the mighty New York Yankees, and they are the Orioles.  Is it really possible that we can't go out there and beat them every time? I guess it is.

Phil Hughes was not good tonight. Maybe he was OK, but he wasn't good.  I don't care what Joe Girardi suggests about Hughes having better command of his fast ball, maybe he did but his line tonight looked like this: 5.2 IP, 4 hits, 4 runs, 6 K's. He's a strange case right now.  Not sure what to make of Hughes.  Sure, you can make the argument that it's the beginning of May and it's still OK if Hughes is still working out some kinks.  But let's be honest, this is a guy that's having some trouble still and how many more starts do we need to wait for him to be "back." 

There is a double standard in my opinion when it comes to Freddy Garcia and Phil Hughes.  Hughes is home grown, the Yankee brass haven't given up on him yet. Freddy Garcia? Well, the bullpen is purgatory for him before he's released, I believe that.  Keep your eyes on Hughes, if he continues to give up a lot of runs, we have to ask ourselves some serious questions, like "Should Hughes be the guy in the pen?"  Stay tuned for that.

Eduardo Nunez had a misplay in the outfield, but it's going to happen when you're are an infielder and then they move you to the outfield.  I believe in the Nunez Experiment and sure it will take time, but don't get on his case yet, don't forget, Hughes was the one who let up for 4 runs before Nunez even made that misplay. 

Offense tonight was flat but there were moments.  Curtis Granderson had a solo shot and that was it.  Alex Rodriguez had an opportunity with the bases loaded and popped up. Come on Alex, you're a major league ball player, you need to hit that.  Derek Jeter of course had 3 hits tonight.  The Captain is just amazing. 

Final Score: Orioles 7 - Yankees 1.

Tomorrow Ivan Nova goes for the Yankees...damn I could use another win!

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