Thursday, May 3, 2012


  • UPDATE: 11:40pm Many reports on Twitter suggest Mariano could have a torn ACL. Waiting for official confirmation

You know about Nick Swisher and Brett Gardner, Michael Pineda and now Eric Chavez and it just seems like the Yankees are dropping like flies with the injury bug creeping into Yankeeland. (Read about Gardner HERE, Girardi says Gardy return from DL "doubtful.") Well, sometimes you can deal with 1 or 2 guys hurt, but when Mariano Rivera goes down, that needs to be a major concern.Read HERE.

Today in Kansas City Mariano Rivera was fielding fly balls in the outfield of the Yankees batting practice when he jumped up to catch one on the warning track and came down he appeared to twist his knee.  He went down hard and if you saw the video, it looked like Armageddon.  Now, we're still waiting for an update on Mo, and let's be honest, I'm going to bed. That being said,  I will update this post first thing in the morning to keep you guys in the loop.

Worst case scenario, Mariano is out for a while and David Robertson will fill that role.  Best case scenario, Mariano is fine and it's not as bad as it seems and we'll see him in a week.  We'll keep you posted so keep checking back here on Bleeding Yankee Blue.

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