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It's another round of the Bleeding Yankee Blue Newsstand, and it's become more popular than I thought it would be...that's a good thing. Thank you.

THE BABE'S HAT UP FOR AUCTION:  Remember that Babe Ruth hat that David Wells had? It's up for auction.  According to the New York Post, it's supposed to go for at least $300,000.  Read about it HERE. Look, my take on this is easy, if you can afford it, you best be trying to bid on that piece of history.  I love everything about Babe Ruth, but I clearly cannot afford anything like that.  Very cool.
(Hat in photo, not the actual hat)
The auction has other items as well, the Post says: "The auction house opened bidding and the online sale goes through May 19. Other notable items in this baseball sale include there is: "A 1920 Yankees jersey worn by Ruth is expected to fetch more than $1 million. The cap worn by Bobby Thomson when he slugged, arguably, baseball’s most famous home run, could go for $100,000. The Flying Scot’s “Shot Heard ‘Round the World” won the 1951 National League pennant for his New York Giants. The 1968 road Yankees jersey, worn by Mickey Mantle when he hit career homer No. 535, should also reach six digits."

THANKS FOR THE SHOUT OUT: It's nice to be acknowledged when you get something right or fun that no one else has and thanks to this blog HERE, we got props. Boom!  Full disclosure, Steve Skinner is a Guest writer for Bleeding Yankee Blue, but that being said, it's a respect thing and I wanted to give him a proper thank you. He wrote a piece about Derek Jeter and how a week ago when Jeet was asked about if 3000 hits distracted him like Joe Girardi suggested, he dismissed it.  Skinner then was nice enough to credit
BYB for our video nugget.
 "As reported in Bleeding Yankee Blue, Jeter dismissed the theory that his struggles last season were the result of the pressure surrounding his reaching 3000 hits and that they were a “mechanical thing”.  What ever the case may be, our beloved captain – a New York Yankees legend – is back." I appreciate it...Thank you!

No, Bob Uecker isn't a New York Yankees and there is only 1 reason why I'm putting Uecker in this Newsstand... I loved him in Major League and I did him as a broadcaster.
Dave Martin of the Epoch Times, read HERE had this nugget and I'm happy to report that Uecker was inducted into the National Association of Broadcasters Hall of Fame. Congrats Bob!

 MOVING DAY:  Here's a nugget I missed... so sue me, I'm busy.  I didn't realize this happened, but it's important just the same.  Apparently Robinson Cano has moved into Jorge Posada's old locker at Yankee Stadium. ESPN has the story HERE. According to ESPN, "...Cano had, without asking, been assigned his old corner locker, a place of honor. 'Jorge told me, 'Now you've got to make me proud,'' Cano said with a laugh."

HARPER UNDER A MOON: Bleeding Yankee Blue is excited about Bryce Harper, because as you know, we love baseball and respect the game and the talent of so many of these players. We have a great piece in the BYB archives about Harper titled WHY BRYCE HARPER COULD BE A YANKEE, check it out.  Anyway, Harper had his first hit in the majors 2 nights ago and someone decided that mooning the camera would be funny.  See if you can find the "Where's Waldo" moment in this screen grab.

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