Monday, April 9, 2012


The New York Yankees won tonight beating the O's! It happened, it really happened. It's amazing how the mood changes for a Yankee fan. The first three games were brutal, we were pissed, confused and annoyed. But now, against the Baltimore Orioles, Ivan Nova was asked to turn the ship around and does so pitching a gem and proving to everyone in Yankeeland that all will be OK...I like that.

The Yankees won tonight 6-2, read HERE and the team as a whole looked great. Out of 10 batters (Andruw Jones and Brett Gardner both manned left field tonight), there were 8 guys with hits. Derek Jeter clearly knew he had to start leading this ball club and did as the Captain of the team, he cracked 4 hits, that's a big night. Secondly, Andruw Jones cranked out a home run. OK, so far so good, but what about Nova you ask? Here's his line: 7 innings, he allowed 2 runs on 10 hits and struck out 7. After the past 3 days, that performance was wonderful.

David Robertson came in in the 8th and struck out 2 on his birthday tonight. Right now DRob is up to 5 strikeouts in his tally. Don't forget, Bleeding Yankee Blue is giving $1 for every strikeout Robertson get's this regular season. Plus if you buy a shirt, we will apply a $1 from the shirt sale as well and present a check to High Socks for Hope at the end of the season. Buy a shirt, join the cause, you feel all fuzzy inside when you do. Look on our page and click BUY NOW.

Again, final score, Yankees 6 - Orioles 2. God Bless America... the Yankees are back.

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