Friday, April 27, 2012


Sure, this is coming out of left field, but what the hell, I’m always the type that likes to think too hard in ways to improve our New York Yankees and I love asking questions and getting reaction.  I like to get your thoughts and then we all move on... after all, we're fans and sure, I run Bleeding Yankee Blue, but in no way am I suggesting my word is law…this is just too much fun, that’s it so enjoy this craziness...

The Tigers just gave Brandon Inge an unconditional release on Thursday, read HERE, and plenty of people were surprised and puzzled by it, but according to several reports, the Tigers felt like it was just time.  Many teams are interested in Inge, read about the Athletics HERE and the Twins HERE... and that got us here at BYB thinking: “Why not try to get Brandon Inge for, probably nothing, and ask him to contribute with his excellent defense when we need him?"  

Inge can play third base and was a catcher much earlier in his career. He's a solid defender and would be a perfect back up in not only third, but in my estimation even first base or the outfield.  He's agile and great with the glove. He’s a gritty veteran and while his numbers have never been outstanding, he may just be the defensive piece of the puzzle the Yankees are looking for in that backup role...  Make sense?

One thing you need to think about with Brandon Inge is, he may just be the diamond in the rough that needs to be explored.  Yes, we have Eric Chavez and yes, we have guys like Raul Ibanez and Andruw Jones, but I said it once and I’ll say it again, Raul and Andruw were signed for their bats, and sure, if they needed to get out in the outfield to try and snag a fly ball, we’d cross our fingers, but as we’ve seen with Raul and Jones… there isn’t exactly faith when they're out there.  Might I suggest someone like Brandon Inge as a possible substitute for the outfield?  We've heard the Yankees suggest someone like Derek Jeter could play the outfield near the end of his career... why not a Brandon Inge? He's got the defensive talent under his belt...why not? 

Eric Chavez can play first and third, and yes, he’s the natural backup for Alex Rodriguez and Mark Teixeira and there is no denying that, but what’s to say Mr. Fragile gets hurt? Then what? Inge could fill in at third if needed and as a veteran, you know you’re getting quality. I think it’s foolish to allow Eduardo Nunez to play a base position, he can’t catch, so my solution with him is simple, either train him hard at shortstop and train him to be a future outfielder for the New York Yankees.

Look, this is all my head spinning trying to think of way to plug the holes and help out team win.  Inge may be an unusual idea… but hey, he may just work. What do you think? Comment.

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  1. That would be interesting. For that to work though, I think Nuñez has to get sent back down to AAA. Let him get back into major league SS form. I don't think youcould justify picking up Inge and have Nuñez taking up a roster spot just to ride the pine. And if Nuñez never gets the hang of things, we've got Cito to be Jeter's eventual replacement at SS.

    I guess the big question is how much cash would the Yanks have to throw at a back -up infielder.


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