Saturday, April 21, 2012


By the time you read this, we will be 14 games into the 2012 season. That’s roughly 8½ percent of the entire regular season. And somehow it only took those 2 weeks for me to have my annual Howard Beale moment. It got so bad, Casey needed to talk me off the frieze.

Issue 1: Bobby Valentine. This miserable excuse for a baseball “genius” has me so fired up for the simple fact that because of Bobby’s antics of questioning Kevin Youkilis’ heart and the ensuing backlash led by Dustin Pedroia, I’m finding it hard to hate these guys. While I’ve always respected Youk’s approach the game and how he goes out and plays hard every single day; the fact that he sought out Bobby and made him explain himself earned him huge points with me. As far as Pedroia, whom I have always despised, the fact that he also called out Bobby and stood behind his teammate; I have to respect that as well. I detest you Bobby for making me hate Dustin Pedroia less! Me praising the Sox, what has this world come to?

Issue 2: WCBS-AM. I’m finding myself listening to more games than watching this year. Maybe it's family obligations or just my busy life; I don’t know. Either way, 2 weeks into the season and I want to stick
sharp objects into my ears every time I hear John & Suzyn. They are awful. I’m never sure what I hear is actually happening during the game. And the banter and stories between these two sounds like something you’d hear at the dinner table of a Senior Living Center. I’m not the type who wishes bad things on people because I believe in karma, nor have I ever wished anything good to happen for ESPN, but when the 2013 season begins I really hope the Yankees radio home is on 1050 ESPN and these 2 donkeys are put out to pasture!

Issue 3: Joe Girardi. Derek Jeter is 37, ARod is 36. They’re old, I get that, but why are we resting guys 2 weeks into the season? I understand the older guys need more time off so they stay healthy all season, but really, 2 weeks into the season we’re on a rotation of resting guys? Heck, Jeter was DH’ing the second game of the season. Was he really that tired? Now, Robinson Cano is 30, why is he getting rested? He should be conditioned to play 160 games and if he’s not, then that’s a reflection on Joe’s staff. Take Thursday night against the Twins for example, Cano moves to DH. Maybe Girardi’s thinking is that giving him a rest in the field will break Cano’s terrible start. Well, who is Cano’s replacement? None other than BYB goat, Eduardo Nunez. Others on this blog will argue with me, but I love Nunez’s bat and his heart. However, his fielding ability is horrendous. His throwing error in that game led to 4 unearned runs. If anyone from Stats Inc is reading this and knows how many runs have scored as a direct result of a Eduardo Nunez error, please email me. I digress, hey Joe, you always talk about inconsistent play. How can the team be consistent when the starting lineup changes every single day? Rest the boys when they’re tired and when the weather and schedule dictate. Not now when this is the best time to play ball!

Issue 4: Overreacting Yankee Fans. I said it earlier, but we’re 2 weeks into the season. Relax people, there is plenty of baseball left to be played. I know the boys are hovering around .500 right now, but give it time. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard, “they suck” or “CC’s done” or even Mo’s done” after he blew that Tampa game. All you people can come talk to me in May. I really don’t want to hear anything until then. Children, flowers, everything takes time to grow. Let the team grow and judge it after you’ve seen enough. Right now we haven’t seen enough. For now, just relax and enjoy the games.

In case anyone is worried, “this is not a psychotic breakdown; it's a cleansing moment of clarity.”

--Lem Allen, BYB Contributor

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