Thursday, April 19, 2012


Marc Carig of the Star-Ledger says Pineda had his first bullpen session and he's on the way back. Read about it HERE. Brian Cashman reported that the 26 pitch session that Pineda had was "all good" and while we can't expect to see him back tomorrow, there is no doubt the kid's on the way back. We will however see the Yankees take it very slow with this guy. They don't want him to get messed up again, after all they traded away their prized possession, Jesus Montero for Pineda, the last thing they want to do is mess with this 23 year old pitching superstar's steps... expect that.

Carig writes: "The next step for Pineda is another bullpen session, after which it's possible he could progress to pitching in minor-league games."

I can't wait to see this guy back in the Bigs again.

Meanwhile, in Seattle, it's being suggested that Montero is lacking patience at the plate. This is coming from Erik Karabell HERE. We'll keep you posted on Montero is a future post.

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