Wednesday, April 11, 2012


You go to Camden Yards during any Yankees / Orioles Series and there are more Yankees fans in the park than Orioles fans. Buck Showalter will do what he does best this year, just like did last year, try to make managerial moves that will not only try and beat the Yankees in every Series, but he’ll do his best to pulverize the Yankees when his guys play us. It’s not the way you play the game, but Mr. Showalter despises the Yankees organization and it’s clear…and if he has a few tricks up his sleeve, he’s bound to use them, because if you remember Buck back with the Yankees, he was a real good manager, but he was watched too closely for his own taste and when he lost his gig in New York, it became very personal.

The Orioles have a great group of guys, they play for a tough manager, but the club is likable. Last night's loss to the Yankees stung like hell because let's face it, the O's looked good and kept it a ballgame. Give credit where credit is due, Buck played his team hard last night. I believe because of that loss, retaliation isn't too far behind. Couple that with accusations from Russell Martin the other night that Orioles players were perhaps relaying pitching sequences from second base, and it's a rivalry in the making, just the way Buck wants it.

If you're not familiar with what I mean, on Monday, Robert Andino hit a double off of Mariano Rivera in the ninth inning last night and was stranded on second base when the final out was recorded by Gardner HERE, but words were exchanged at the end of the game and I believe that this goes back to Buck Showalter. I’m not calling Showalter a cheater, I’m calling him desperate to beat the Yankees and if that means tipping signs, so be it. Again, this is a hunch, nothing more.

Buck wants a rivalry and he wants it with an Orioles team that has a tough ladder to climb. It is possible you know...the Orioles have the talent to be successful again, but I believe managers that have had a taste of success in their youth just want that taste again and in Buck's case, he may become alittle more eager…or... desperate comes to mind again, because to be honest, Andino appeared to be more ticked off than Russell Martin was when accusations allegedly flew after that game on Monday night. Martin was cool as a cucumber, made light of the incident and appeared to walk away joking about it. But you gotta wonder if a command was given from the dugout and you need to wonder if things will escalate between the Orioles and Yankees... maybe not this series, but this season for sure. Buck's no fool, he never forgets, he's like Michael in the Godfather, he'll retaliate when need be, even if it's in a restaurant and the guns taped behind the toilet in the water closet.

I wouldn’t put it past Buck Showalter to be overly aggressive against the Yankees all year. Maybe with a plunking or maybe with aggressive base running to make Martin work. Something to give Martin and the Yankees a signal that they're on notice, because after all, if you’ve followed Buck all these years, it’s either his way of the highway, at least it is in his mind. There’s only one thing the Yankees should do through all of the B.S. though and that's just play ball…they have the tools and the talent to beat the Orioles all day long. All they need to do is play smart and most of all, have class. I’ll take that over trying to tip the other teams' pitches any day of the week, and it'll make Buck seem like small potatoes. Stay tuned…

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