Monday, April 30, 2012


Pitching wins ball games.  You know how I know that? Because it was pitching that kept a red hot Baltimore Orioles to only 1 run tonight. That and great defense. The Yankees scored 2 and that was all they needed. You have to love that.

Look, Hiroki Kuroda is the type of pitcher that you just never know what's coming.  One day he could be brilliant and the next he can't.  Today he was.  7 strong innings and he just looked terrific out there. Kuroda allowed 4 hits and 1 run and struck out 3.

David Robertson came in and struck out the 3 batters he faced.  That means Robertson is up to 16 strikeouts and 16 bucks that Bleeding Yankee Blue will throw into a pot and give to High Socks for Hope this season.  In addition, you can buy a shirt and we will also give $1 of that purchase to HSFH as well.  Buy a shirt today, it's easy, look for BUY NOW on our website and do it! And read about it HERE.

Mariano Rivera came in tonight and just shut down the Orioles ending the game on a double play.  Very dramatic and a nice win for the Yanks.

The offense and defense looked good tonight.  Eric Chavez homered and he looked quicker to me at the plate.  That's where the runs came from tonight. Derek Jeter had 1 hit tonight and his average is currently .389.

Eduardo Nunez played left field.  I have to say, I was impressed.  Look, I am a firm believer that that Nunez speed in the outfield and alittle practice with the glove, he could one day be a superstar out there.  He cannot be a superstar infielder. I don't care how much practice he has in the's not in the cards.  No, the outfield is for Nunez, I envisioned it, and I really liked him out there tonight... I think it works. Read WHY NOT MAKE NUNEZ AN OUTFIELDER? from April 16th...Boom!
One more thing, Russell Martin made a brilliant toss to Kuroda at home plate to preserve the Yankees lead in the game tonight after a wild pitch.  I love Martin as a catcher and every time I watch him, I feel like he's in the thick of it... much like Thurman Munson. I appreciate Martin there. Good play tonight!

Final Score tonight: Yankees 2 - Orioles 1.

Tomorrow, all eyes will be on Phil Hughes.  Hughes is now the lone pitcher that all of us will focus on, especially with Andy Pettitte declaring that he's ready to come up to the Yankees and "help." Read HERE.  If Hughes goes out tomorrow and lays an egg, Pettitte will for sure take his me.  Good luck Phil.

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