Monday, April 23, 2012


It was definitely a good ball game tonight, and the Yankees looked good...real good.

CC Sabathia took the mound and while he started off giving up back to back singles after the topf othe 1st inning when Curtis Granderson collected 2 RBIs, the Monster settled down.  Sabathia went 8 innings, allowed 4 runs on 7 hits.  CC also had 8 strikeouts and 1 walk.  Pretty good numbers tonight. I'm pleased and now you'll see the ace in CC. 

Nick Swisher continues to collect RBIs and did in the 5th inning tonight when he sacrificed Chris Stewart home.  It's interesting to note by the way that Chris Stewart caught Sabathia for the second outing in a row.  Joe Girardi said not to look too much into it, but you have to wonder why Muscle Martin isn't catching CC.  Look, it's probably nothing, but something to think about.
Alex Rodriguez homered tonight, his third of the year and don't look now but it seems as though Alex is himself again which is great because I would love to see him have an MVP year... he's overdue.

The biggest and most happiest Yankee out there right now is the Captain Derek Jeter who had a 4 for 5 game tonight and is currently batting .411.  That is outstanding and I don't really care that it's only the beginning of the season and his average is "bound to go down" as some will say.  I say this...Suck it. This is our Captain, the same guy everyone wrote off.  Not us, not BYB... believe in the Captain and the Captain will deliver. Jeter's on a tear and we need to enjoy this.

Mariano Rivera came in in the 9th inning an closed the door. Just beautiful. 
Final Score: Yankees 7 - Rangers 4.

I don't know about you, but I find these games against the Texas Rangers intense.  I feel like I did when the Yankees played George Brett and the Royals when I was a kid and when they play the Red Sox now... it always seems like a must win and it's always dramatic.  The Yankees pulled it out though and now the goal is to just win the series. The Series first...the sweep second, that's how you win championships.

Tomorrow we get our first look at Yu Darvish. It should be interesting.  Go Yanks!

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