Friday, April 27, 2012


I'm not about to rank on Buster Olney, but I need to poke alittle fun, after all, it's 2012, not 1978. Although if a pitcher the Yankees signed had a torn labrum then, the world too would be turned upside down too...minus the Internet of course. It was a the Bronx Zoo after all. Read Buster HERE.

Olney made some comments in reference to the Social media and the recent "explosion" and uproar over Michael Pineda's injury... all over the Internet, Twitter, and everywhere else. He writes:  "The explosion of social media has fueled the desire to identify incompetence, to illuminate failure, to expose the cheaters. Within seconds that news broke that Michael Pineda will miss the rest of the year with a labrum tear, Twitter was flooded with theories -- that the New York Yankees blew it, that the Seattle Mariners knew that Pineda was hurt, that there were idiots and schemers."

Olney then goes on to explain some facts of the Pineda for Jesus Montero trade, here's 1:

"At the time of the deal, the overwhelming majority of rival executives thought this was a great trade for the Yankees. Not a good trade, but a great trade. A lot of the same executives understood the rationale of the Mariners and liked Jesus Montero as a prospect, but they loved the Yankees' end of the trade."

Right... got it.  Buster's a smart guy, I think he understands that all this doom an gloom all over the net is just a sign of the times, more technology, faster news and information at your finger tips in seconds, and that leads to immediate conversation, on your phone to Twitter and Facebook.  Couple that with us Yankee fans who are never unhappy unless we win 162 games, and I think it all makes sense.  Look, I'm not saying all the bitching and moaning is the right way to go about it, I'm merely suggesting to Olney..."What do you expect?" To be honest, it didn't even phase me the way the Internet blew up on Wednesday when news broke that Pineda would be out the entire season.  It's instant conversation, unhappiness, laughter, depending on which side your on.  So many of us deal with the every day hustle and bustle of life, sometimes we need to blow off alittle steam... that's where social networks come in.  Wednesday's report of Pineda was a serious blow to the Yankees rotation as well as a human being in Pineda, but does that mean we CAN'T talk about it?
I like Buster, but I didn't like to feel like I was being reprimanded, like I needed a refresher course on the facts of the trade.  We all were there when news broke that Jesus Montero was traded for Michael Pineda, it was a big day in Yankeeland and on that day, I remember the same thing happening, social networks going bonkers.  That's sports in 2012 Buster, it moves pretty fast these days and sure all the sports writers utilize it too and to be honest, it's amazing. All I'm saying is, Buster, we love you pal, but open your mind... go with it... it's gonna be OK pal... I swear.

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