Saturday, April 14, 2012


George King III has a great piece about the talk about Derek Jeter and his hot start. Read it HERE. Scouts are salivating over Jeter and they're all saying the same thing...he's young again! It's the Fountain of Youth...Oh My God! I find that silly. Am I the only one that isn't surprised? I mean, this is our captain, Derek Jeter is the man, and I suggest giving him a little more credit as to why he looks youthful out there. Sure, maybe older this season, but are people looking for him to just fail? I don't get it. This is a champion, it's in his blood... we should be thankful.Here are some quotes from King's piece: "Veteran scouts who have watched Derek Jeter since 1996 believe he has gotten quicker at 37 than in previous seasons. 'His legs look quicker...'"

"...The scout timed Jeter in 4.24 and 4.25 seconds from home to first. The major league average from the right-handed batter’s box to first is 4.3...."

“...He was 4.20 in Baltimore and the watches had him at 4.16 on the turf,’’ a scout said. “He looks great. He has found a natural fountain of youth...’’No doubt you start slowing down in your late 30's but my question is, should we be surprised? Derek Jeter may perhaps have the greatest work ethic of any athlete on the planet. No doubt he knew father time was starring him in the face and thanks to the New York Sports media in 2010, he upped his game, probably working on his legs and cardio more so in the off-seasons.

Ya'll are going to sit here and tell me that this is the Fountain of Youth? I'm here to tell you this is Derek Jeter, a 5 time World Champion, our captain, the most iconic Yankee of all time...the guy who grew up on a Steinbrenner team his entire career. I don't call it the Fountain of Youth, I call it the hunger of a champion. In other words...Derek Jeter ain't done yet.

Derek Jeter is batting .370 this season. It's a hot start, and there shouldn't be any chatter about a fountain of youth, it's just Derek... and I'm loving it.

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