Monday, April 23, 2012


I found this nugget fascinating and it's only because it's about Derek Jeter, who is not only a team player, he's THE team player... he never gets defensive, always speaks to the media and always puts team before himself.

Moments after the game tonight, ESPN's Tim Kurkjian told Jeet that it was Joe Girardi  that suggested that Jeter: "Was so bothered by the individual attention...chasing 3000." He then asked Jeter "Did that bother you and is there any connection with you getting all these hits since you got 3000."  
Now, there are a lot of things that Derek Jeter could have said.  He's classy, he doesn't speak out of turn and he rarely contradicts management publiclly.  He could have simply said, in his Jeter way... "That was part of it Tim," or "Sure...and mechanics." But he didn't, for the first time ever, Derek Jeter looked annoyed.

He quickly snapped at Tim saying "That is absolutely not true at all. It was a mechanical thing!"  Why? Some would suggest a rift between Jeter and Joe. I just don't know, but I found this nugget to be unique because rarely do we see Jeter like that. Was he annoyed at ESPN and Tim Kurkjian? Annoyed at Joe? Just annoyed? Tired? Hungry?

Anyway, BYB is bringing you this because not a lot of the others will and I thought it was worth watching and talking about.  It's interesting anyway. What do you think? Comment.

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  1. I think he is tired of the question itself - Jeter said in the presser after the 3,000 he was anxious about getting it at home. I don't know what people want him to say. Also I think Girardi should atop talking like he lives inside Derek's head. Imagine if your boss told others what you were thinking when you did well or not so well...

  2. Derek Jeter is the classiest guy to where the pinstripes by a long shot he is Mr Yankee in a world where there are such jerks and selfish players in many to mention..he is the ultimate role model for kids to want to be like there will not be another for a long time!!!its been an honor to watch him play from the beginning to whenever he decides to hang up his cleats hopefully not for a few years


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