Saturday, March 17, 2012


Happy St. Patrick's Day!

(I Love the Pogues) You know it’s baseball season if you went outside in New York City today. It’s days like this that you realize how big the New York Yankees are. I’m not the only one sporting a Yankee hat today. It’s almost like subliminally, people associate spring and baseball because there is a ton of Yankee fans out there that seem to have come out of hibernation. Gotta love it. I’d be curious how many green Yankee jersey’s will come out on St. Patrick’s day. It’s funny, I always believed in the Yankees tradition, I always believed in the Yankees pinstripes or the dark navy blue hat or spring training jersey or the road grays…ONLY. These days though, I realize the importance of representing. As you now... BYB represents whenever we can, in fact, Scott Ferrall said it best in his interview with us WHY FERRALL SHAKES IT UP BETTER THAN ANYONE! He said:

" guys need to see a shrink because you've gone MAD over the Bombers, which I can appreciate!"

Come on...that's funny and it’s true, Yankee fans... ALL Yankee fans are passionate about our team. We get impatient when we don’t win. We get the whole city to celebrate when we do. Sometimes you forget the Mets are even in town, and that’s no swipe at the Mets or Mets fans, those guys are in the dark days much the Yankees were back in 1990, but all teams turn around the Mets will one day too. The point is New York Yankee heart is huge in New York right now, especially with the signing of Andy Pettitte yesterday, read HERE and you can’t beat it.

Yankee fans in New York bring me to a story about an little old man in New York that I see about once a year for some reason. He wonders Times Square and he is always wearing a Yankee jacket and Yankee hat. No doubt he’s been around for a long long time, but it’s clear, he’s always been a Yankee fan. Now, I tell you this, I don’t know his name, but I know he’s homeless. Every single time I see him, I walk up, shake his hand and give him some money. He clearly needs it. He looks at me and every single time he says softly, "God Bless You." It breaks my heart. This is someone's grandfather or father or relative and it appears he's all alone. Now, truth be told, I rarely take that kind of time, but I don't know what I is, I have an attachment to this guy. Maybe it’s the Yankee connection or maybe it’s the fact that he’s out there wondering the streets or maybe it’s both, but right around now, I run into him. If I do, I’ll take his picture and post it. Tell you what, I’ll even get his name for all of you, because for some reason, we’ve never exchanged names, but I consider him a buddy in my head.

And that goes back to my point, Yankee fans are all over the place and this time of year, we all represent larger than anyone. Yeah, there's no doubt about it... it’s Yankee baseball season in New York. The Cities alive again. We’ve forgotten about the short playoffs and now it’s a clean slate. God I love New York! Go Yankees!

And Happy St. Patrick's day everyone. Go out, have fun, but be careful, promise me.

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