Tuesday, January 10, 2012


It seems ridiculous that we are talking about the Yankees and "budget" but we are. Jon Heyman tweeted HERE that they're keeping the communication open with guys like Edwin Jackson, Hiroki Kuroda and even Roy Oswalt but no one is even close to coming to a deal...because of money.Wow... what has happened to my empire?

Let's not forget, Hiroki Kuroda wants $13 to $14 million. Read HERE. Right now the Yankees probably believe that's too much money for a 1 year deal for a 37 year old pitcher that isn't sure he wants to play on the East Coast. Hey, maybe after they evaluate their budget, it may be in the cards.What about Roy Oswalt? Reports are he wants more than Hiroki Kuroda, plus, he has a possible bad back. Is that a smart move? Again... it's back to the budget. And besides, there are new reports that are suggesting Oswalt is being targeted by the Red Sox. Read HERE. If that's true, did the Yankees miss out again because they're penny pinching?

Edwin Jackson seems like the youngest, more reliable of the three guys. The problem is Scott Boras wants 5 years and $60 million for his client. How utterly ridiculous is that? Jackson is one of the most inconsistent pitchers out there. I wrote WHY BORAS IS ABOUT THE MESS THINGS UP FOR EDWIN JACKSON because I believe that while Boras is one of the smartest sports agents out there, getting his guys top dollar, he's also a bullshit artist and I believe he's destroyed the game. I'd give Jackson 1 to 2 years. We don't need a second AJ Burnett. Again though, it all depends on the Yankees budget. It really is interesting, isn't it?
Also, let's not forget to throw Yoennis Cespedes into the mix? Are the Yankees fooling everyone about budget and will they actually make a substantial offer to Cespedes? This in turn could then put Nick Swisher on the trading block and they could easily flip him for a pitcher. I'm not saying this is ideal, I'm just putting a very interesting scenario out there that makes sense if you're the Yankees front office.

Look, it's clear, the Yankees are quiet on purpose. But will they make a move? We will clearly have to wait and see, but we are now 5 weeks away from Spring Training and I believe a lot could happen in that time... the question is, do the Yankees believe that or will they stay pat?

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