Tuesday, January 31, 2012


CC Sabathia has support now...Thank God. It was the only thing I wanted this Christmas. OK, truth be told, I also wanted a Kindle Fire and I got it, so 2 great gifts... now I’m happy. I wished and begged for Cashman to do something and it’s true, some days I just gave up, but when the Yankees signed Michael Pineda and Hiroki Kuroda, I felt better. I felt like we did something to better the club.

Now CC can lead his team and the others will follow wonderfully. This isn’t to say that Freddy Garcia, Ivan Nova, and AJ Burnett couldn’t hack it before, they would do fine, but one thing I didn’t want was the same rotation as 2011. That, I knew wouldn’t cut it. Now we mix in new pitching, we go to Spring Training and we work out the kinks. I couldn’t be happier and I can read all about it on my Kindle Fire.

Sabathia has developed into a terrific pitcher. I liked him back in Cleveland, but never in my wildest dreams did I think he’d improve and mature as such a dominant pitcher. Back then, he had a few good years and was “just another pitcher” in my opinion. But that little spurt of being with the Brewers and then signing with the Yankees really did something for him. He got real good.

I don’t go to Yankee stadium to see pitcher's pitch. I go to Yankee stadium to see the Yankees win and watch home runs get launched into the seats. But I do try to catch CC Monster live whenever I can. I love to watch him work on the mound. It’s funny, he could be having the game of his life, but he always has the same type of set up after delivery; he walks behind the mound, wipes the forehead, fixes the cap, and then digs in and launches another one for a strike. Sabathia rarely gets excited, but when he does, the monster roars and that emotion is dynamic.

I’m quite excited about CC and Co. as we embark on a 2012 season. I know it will be filled with magic in the Bronx this year. Our fan base is downright confident and our players are too. Cashman, while it seemed like he would do nothing this off-season to stabilize our pitching, fooled us all. You have to respect that. He’s a genius in that regard. Let’s just hope the moves he made offer a true dominant Yankee pitching staff. With Russell Martin behind the plate, I have no doubt we can do this… we have to. Why? Because we’re the God damn New York Yankees, that’s why.

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