Friday, September 9, 2011


September 11th, 2001 was arguably the darkest day in American history. The unthinkable happened on this day. Two planes, lead by terrorist forces, crashed into both of the Twin towers in New York, and it completely completely changed America.

At the time of the attacks, I was in the third grade and I lived in the state of Washington, so obviously I didn't know what was going. My memory is a little blurred to say the least, but the exact time of the attacks happened at a quarter to 6:00 AM and 15 minutes past 7:00 on the West Coast, so I was in bed. I remember at school that day we canceled all of our class plans and we watched the news. Everyone was pretty frightened and didn't know what to do. My teacher talked to the rest of the class about what had happened. I remember later on going to my cousin's house after school and briefly watching more coverage on television. I remember it was hard to watch.But enough about what I remember. 10 years later I still know this was a major tragedy that our Nation. It's hard now and it was hard then, but at the time, America still had one something that could calm them, for a bit at least. That one thing was baseball. Sure, baseball may not have been the most important thing at that moment, but it helped and for New Yorkers,it helped a lot. The Yankees were trying to win their fourth consecutive World Series, and fifth in the last six years. But they weren't playing just for that, they were now playing for America. Everyone played with their hearts on their sleeves that World Series, even the Diamondbacks. That year it seemed as though everyone was behind the Yankees during that Fall Classic. Even the Yankee haters were behind the Yankees simply because of 9-11. And although the Yankees lost the World Series, it was still great to see them playing as best they could to lift the spirits of New York and America. Kudos to the Yankees, the Diamondbacks and the rest of Major League Baseball for giving us a little levity during such a tragic time in our Nation's history.

--Jesse Schindler, BYB Staff Writer

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