Sunday, August 28, 2011


Hurricane, Smurricane, let's play ball.

It's bizarre how the East coast was, bracing for the end of the world. If you went into any food store on Saturday, it looked like this.
That's what's left of the vegetables. All over the news, it was crazy, telling us to leave town, and businesses are shutting down and make sure you have batteries. Yes, I appreciate all the important information, but each one fed off each other and by the time it reached Saturday at 12pm in the Tri-State area, it was practically reported as Armageddon. It reminded me of this terrific Walt Disney Cartoon I watched as a kid:

But the reality is, it was a bad storm and by the time it hit the Tri-State area, it gave us a shit load of rain, that entered my basement around 6am this morning and then... stopped. Yes, it is sad to report that there was some tragedy and is definitely major flooding, but the reality is, if you took steps to keep your family safe, flooding that's in my house is minor. My rug can be replaced, my kid can't.

As I kissed everyone goodnight last night, I had 1 weird thought in the back of my mind; would the Yankees play? Is it really that important? Now, as I look out my window, I realize, it's over, and while destructive, life continues... baseball continues... the Yankees quest for 28... continues.

So, the Yankees day night double header hopefully happens today and the first game set to start at 1:35 p.m., is still scheduled to be played as planned.

The match ups today are most likely Bartolo Colon vs. Zach Britton. The Yanks were going to have Nova, but now he's pitching game 2.

The night game matches Ivan Nova vs. Brian Matusz.

An interesting nugget from Mark Hale of the New York Post says the Yankees are furious with the way Major League Baseball handled the rescheduling of yesterday's games. Apparently one of the games from yesterday we rescheduled for September 8th. WTF. Read the story HERE. Hale writes:

"Brian Cashman said his team was left out of the rescheduling arrangements for one of the two games postponed yesterday, which is now scheduled to be played Sept. 8. But the Orioles insist they've done nothing wrong and maintain both Major League Baseball and the MLB Players Association approved the Sept. 8 date."

I get it. The Yankees should be pissed, a night game and then they need to travel to play first place Boston. You want to be rested when you play those guys, not worn out. It sucks...whatever though, it's BS but we'll have to deal with it. Game on.

So listen, if you're going to the game today in Baltimore, have fun. Remember, the worst is behind us. Now that we know that everyone is safe, it's play ball, and thank the good Lord for that.

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  1. It is interesting, as a native South Floridian, to see the reactions regarding a hurricane up the East Coast....well, at least we will have a double header today!


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