Tuesday, August 30, 2011


So I certainly don't need to remind Yankee fans how Big Papi just owns us. I don't need to remind you all how Big Papi just digs into the batters box for every pitch and never seems concerned that an inside pitch may actually be coming. Or, God forbid a pitch that might actually dust him. And, finally, I won't remind you how Big Papi just seems to thrive hitting the long ball against us. How he spends at least a half hour standing in the batters box just watching his home runs fly out and, even flipping his bat?! Hey CC, you reading this?
Speaking of bat flipping...remember that "little" bat flipping incident back in early June? Remember when Big Papi decided to flip his bat at the Yankees after taking us deep, yet again! No one was happy with that moment, including our Yankee skipper who called out Ortiz for showing the Yankees up.
Some fans were ticked off beyond belief when Ortiz did that and were all but calling for his head. Calling for his head is just ridiculous! But, pitching inside, even waaaay inside can certainly keep a batter on his toes. Pitching inside is part of the game and always has been. Now, on the other side of the coin there were many fans saying that the Yankees basically got what they deserved for not getting that clown out. For not taking care of business on our end and letting our bats do the talking. In fact, BYB's own Christy Lee titled HEY PAPI... FLIP THIS! Christy, like a lot of fans, did not see that flipping of the bat as a big deal. Her point was the Yankees need to take care of their own business.
Anyway, we here at BYB are curious to what you all think? Should we make Big Papi eat a little dirt tonight or just let our bats do the talking? Lets us know what you think? You can comment here or hit us up on Twitter or Facebook. Now, LET'S GO YANKEES!!!

--Mikey Blue, BYB Senior Writer
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  1. I definitely think we should let our bats and pitches do the talking. I can think of fewer more satisfying moments then the look on Ortiz' stupid face when he's fanned or caught looking, especially in Fenway. The best hope for tonight would be that C.C. just puts 12 away and strangles their offense. Hitting batters (what Boston does) and throwing bats are for Little Leaguers. We're the freaking New York Yankees.


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