Friday, July 29, 2011


Our kids lost the second round of the playoffs against a team that kicked our butt the first time we played them this year. This time around...well, let's just say it was a contest, but we just fell short.

The kids were sad but at the same time proud and the look on their faces said it all. they knew they did something special. There was no crying and no anger, they matured before our eyes, the finally understood winning and losing and sportsmanship. They shook hands with the other team and said "Good Luck". I think the coaches for more upset for our kids, and maybe that's because we felt like we failed them but one things for sure, our kids certainly didn't fail us. They played hard and did their best.

It was a long year but they were finally a ball club, working together and supporting each other. As I've stated many times, you watch kids start out on a team in Little League and it's a mess; sloppy throws, sliding into first base, never choking up, and as time progresses, they become a team. They become talented and this year, they came damn close to winning it all.

These kids, or at least a few of them will advance in baseball in their lives. Some will become better than others, and some will burn out by high school, but at the end of the day, every single one of them knows what "team" means and it's awesome to see.

Congratulations to our boys. They did damn good this year. True, it wasn't the Major Leagues, but it was to them and that brought a smile to my face. Why? I'll tell you. Because it doesn't matter how old you are or what team you're on or even what field you play on, at that moment you're on that diamond with your socks high and the mitt fitting snug on your hand staring into home plate, you can be who ever you want to be... Derek Jeter... Nick Swisher, or Robinson Cano. For that moment, you're a ball player... you're you! To me, that's the greatest feeling in the world.

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  1. hard work paid off. congrats boys


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