Sunday, April 3, 2011


The Yankees are the real deal, let's not think otherwise. While we all complained the starting pitching was a mess, no one mentioned the offense was a truly great.(photo: Star-Ledger)
Yesterday, when the Yanks took the field, all eyes were on AJ Burnett. Meanwhile home runs by Alex, Tex and Russell Martin gave us runs so Detroit could only play catchup. "Russell has Muscle" was all I heard from Sterling when Martin cranked his out and I knew then right then, all was right in Yankeeland.AJ Burnett did what he was supposed to do in his first start, pitch and not think, and he did that. And even after the home run by Austin Jackson, he didn't lose his confidence. He kept on throwing. In the 5th is when he ran into trouble and that was expected considering it was AJ's first start of the season. No one expected him to pitch 8 innings, especially after last year. Slow and steady wins the race and AJ will get there soon enough. Baby steps. AJ will be the good pitcher he once was, in the Pyramid of Pitching Dominance, it takes time and all of us know he can do it. What we don't need as Yankee fans are obvious headlines like this from Bob Klapisch who writes: No offense Bob... no kidding. Yankee fans don't want to hear that, we want him going out there, confidence high and chucking it and we want to hear about the NOW. Because if you got too far ahead of yourself, your mind starts racing and you fall apart. One game at a time, as Jeter likes to say. As Yankee fans, we don't need any unnecessary phrasing to make us think our #2 ace is about to fall apart at any minute. I never like that kind of headline. That being said, Klapisch is probably the best out there...much respect.

The Yankees are the real deal Ladies and Gentlemen and if you weren't sure, you should be now. The key to the Yanks are to win each series. Yes, we want them to win every game but winning each series is more important. You do that, you go to the payoffs. So Game 2 looked nice, Yankees 10-Detroit 6. Me likey.

Moving ahead, I feel positive about today's game with Phil Hughes on the mound. Phil is young but Phil is hungry. Phil learns from mistakes and is a sponge to every Yankee move made on the field. Expect him to do well today in his first start. Look for him to change up his pitches, and for him to go 6 innings. If he can, that sweet bullpen will shut the door early. If not, we win the series and that's just as important.

By the way, a quick shout out to Russell Martin, your proving the doubters wrong and I love the grit. Stay healthy my man.

To Alex Rodriguez, a few monster hits in a few games and your on your way to an MVP season. Love it.(photo: Daily News)
Tex, what can I say, you're hot as hell, just don't pitter out on us come October. Love the aggression right now. (photo: Star-Ledger)
Speed was key, Gardner and Granderson stole some bags and Jeter legged out a single. I've said it time and time again, add speed to the mix and you win every time if your offense and pitching is there.

AJ, I doubted you, but love the new you. You are the only one who can turn you around. Roth can help, fans can help, but ultimately, it's you. Do it bro, we're all behind you. Make the fans proud!

1pm game today, be there...I will.

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