Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Today has been weird. I obviously have Yankees on the brain with tomorrow being Opening Day and I like to read all I can about them. Today, for some unknown reason, I noticed 2 nuggets that I can't seem to forget about.
(photo: Eduardo Nunez)
  1. Joel Sherman of the New York Post had a big full page description of the Yankees this year and what to look for. In it, I noticed a tiny blurb about something he "Wouldn't be surprised about". Read it HERE. It said that he wouldn't be surprised if Eduardo Nunez and Dellin Betances were traded to the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim this year for Jered Weaver. He went on to say that the Yankees could be worried about another Weaver brother (like when they had Jeff), but Jered is just way too talented to pass up. Then he moved on. There was no explanation. There was no "a source told another source, which told my mom this is true." Nothing. Just dropped the bomb and walked. My question is, did he just make that up or is someone else hearing that, because I hear and read alot of stuff and I've NEVER heard that one. I wanted to tell you all.
  2. Then, I just read the Bleacher Report. I like it. Some don't...whatever. Anyway, I noticed a piece that caught my eye about Andre Ethier from the Dodgers. Read it HERE. It turns out that he and the Dodgers are going to talk contracts and in the event the talks turn into a non-tender talk situation, the Yankees would "allegedly" emerge as some front runner for the guy. They then broke down how after 2011, the Yankees could clear $30 million off their payroll, so Ethier would be right up their alley. It goes on to talk about Swisher being a fan favorite New York, but that doesn't matter, because it's a walk year for Swisher anyway and the Yankees could use Ethier's talents. It then basically dismisses Swish, which you know, I hate when they do that. Anyway, read it for yourself.
So, I read that and I said, what?? It's the eve of Opening day. Is this an April Fools Day joke? Why are these unusual rumors popping up now? Is anyone believing this stuff? Look, I am all about talking about players and rumors and telling all of you...with my opinion of course. These are just out there, and I don't mean "strange" out there... I mean Will Ferrell "I feel like I'm taking crazy pills" out there. Look, I'm not going any further with these rumors until I find more information about them, but I wanted to at least show you all. What do you think? Please comment. I'd be curious to hear if you like what you see, I'm confused... then again, I usually am.

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  1. LIFE IS CRUEL the Day Before Opening Day......that's all I've got to say about that......Sincerely.......Forrest...uh.....Forrest Gump.......


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