Tuesday, February 22, 2011


It's been along time that we've been hearing about Jesus Montero. You get scouting reports about the guy and then mixed reviews from minor league guys and Yankee brass alike suggesting he's ready for the major or he's not. I think all this talk is silly. Let's see what the guy's got.

Yes, Russell Martin is our catcher and he's on track to have a bounce back year in New York, but Jesus Montero is everything people are saying, he'll be up soon enough. Plus, right now the Yankees have a dilemma...2 words...Francisco Cervelli. While he provides absolutely no power in the Yankee lineup, his passion is undeniable. He brings an energy many of us love and he and Martin are in the way of Jesus blossoming in the Majors. So, what's got to happen? I'll tell you.

For Jesus to rise, things need to fall into place. There's no reason the Yankees should carry 3 catchers AND Posada. So for things to really click for Montero in spring training, stars need to align, catchers need to struggle and Jesus needs to shine.

I hate rooting against my Yankees, but my biggest fear is for the Yankees to keep Montero in the minors and God forbid our pitching struggles by June, The brass could push the panic button and we never see this guy do some damage in the pros. We've seen it before.

Luckily for us, Spring Training's about working out the kinks and working in the prospects. A lot can happen. My prediction? Russell Martin is our catcher, Cervelli is our backup, but there will be a short leash on Cervelli. One bad play, 1 slump, 1 missed call, they pull Francisco and there will be the rise of Jesus. I say by Easter. (That's a joke, get it?). No seriously, Look for a microscope to be on Francisco. They tried to unload him in the off season and my guess is his days are numbered. The Yanks have a plan for Montero ladies and gentlemen, let's hope they execute soon.

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