Monday, December 20, 2010


"I'm not saying I want to do it, but I may have to do it." - - Brian Cashman.

This is what the Cash man said when he was answering a question about the Yankees Starting rotation situation in a phone conversation to Andrew Marchand. I am borrowing the story from him and one of my favorite Yankee blogs Sliding Into Home. I am totally deflated.

Outrageous line Cashman. Isn't that some shit. So Brian Cashman doesn't have a plan, does he? Or he does, and the plan DOESN'T have the Yankees winning a Championship in 2011 in his outcome.
I guess all Cash wants to do it fill in the back half of the rotation with a couple youngsters behind the already slim rotation of CC Monster, AJ Burnett and Phil Hughes. Where's Andy you ask? Right now, Andy Pettitte is still on the fence about retiring. He's on his farm, feeding cows, thinking. He's thinking, "I love the Yankees, but this is the life." He's thinking: "I hate to let Jeter, Mo and Jorge down, but the Yankees didn't get Lee, maybe it's time I hang it up, after all, I have 5 rings." Just Great.

So, I see it now, Ivan Nova, our fourth starter, pitching brilliantly into the 5th inning, then, a man gets on base, and the wheels fall off. I see this scenerio happening constantly next year, start after start, until by June when they decide Nova needs a rest and so they make Mitre the fourth starter and we all know how bad that will be. We are the New York Yankees Cash... DO SOMETHING.

Cash also said this in his interview: "In the past, we might have gone out and traded away prospects just to get someone in here, but realistically, I have until July to get this solved."

Oh great, so pitching wins ball games but if we don't have pitching we'll at least have until July to get someone to "fix it." Then what? What if we're out of it by then? If we're in a 9 game hole by July, what does it matter then? The Yanks will then have to plow away to try and gain ground and hopefully make the playoffs. I thought the goal was to be number 1, not to be number 3 and hope we don't get out ass kicked too bad doing it. Am I wrong? Are we the Royals or the Yankees? Cash, I've had your back for months here, but enoughs enough, you are killing me.

I will tell you now, and I am not the only one who believes this: 2011 is not a Championship year for the New York Yankees. If the Yankees make it to the playoffs, it will be on a prayer. If the Yankees are out of it and don't make the playoffs, it's chalked up as a transition year and all of us, EVERY SINGLE YANKEE FAN OUT THERE, just got ripped off.

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  1. Hey buddy, great to see your RSS feature up and running...the layout of your blog is really cool.

    As for this:

    "I will tell you now, and I am not the only one who believes this: 2011 is not a Championship year for the New York Yankees."

    You are preaching to the choir, towards me, my family & fellow Yankees lovers down here in Miami/South Florida (I am 3rd generation Yankees fan) 71 year old mom is steamed and really pissed about the pitching situation!!!!

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2011


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