Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Zack Greinke is a great young pitcher. And yes Yankee fans, having that type of talent in the Yankees rotation would give stability. Hell, if we were to get Cliff Lee too, it would be incredible, but I just don't see it happening.

It appears that the Yankees and Royals are talking Greinke and if he lifted his no-trade clause to come to New York, I'd welcome it, but I don't want to wait a whole season for him to "get comfortable" pitching in a big market. Yankees fans can be brutal. We want wins and we want them now and we accept nothing less. Javy was pushed out of New York the first time and then, last year Cash brought him back. Yes, it's true, we cheered him on, we wanted him to succeed, but then his lousy AL pitching ways reared it's ugly head again... And guess what, we killed him, AGAIN. He ran off with his tail between his legs to the Florida Marlins, where he will probably become an amazing NL pitcher again. And remember Randy Johnson's brief visit? When he was on, he was great, when he was off, we murdered him. And Johnson at the time was still a pretty damn good pitcher.

The truth is, if Greinke, who has anxiety issues, thinks he can come in and try and find a rhythm from April to July, it's not going to happen. Does any Yankee fan want that? Look at AJ last year. We were all talking trade by the end of last year. Someone actually said to me of AJ, "Just eat the contract and move on, we'll find someone else." Seriously?

Look, I sound like I'm down on Greinke, I'm not, - am however concerned that we're being sold a good pitcher who hasn't been battle tested, plain and simple. Now, I guess the only way we know if he's "got it", is if he comes to New York and throw, so Zack, if you're interested, come on over. I just hope we don't give up Swisher to get him. That alone would be disasterous. Bottom line, my opinion... he's not coming.

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