Thursday, December 9, 2010


Me: Guess who just signed Carl Crawford?
My 8 year old: Yankees????
Me: The Red Sox
My 8 year old: NOOOOOOOOO

That dialog at 7:23am today defines what every single Yankees fan feels like right now. Yes, it's true, I never thought we needed Carl Crawford on the New York Yankees, but more importantly, I definitely didn't want him on the Evil Red Sox.

With the Yankees "Plan B" going to our stupid rivals, and us waiting like a bunch of Tools for Cliff Lee to make a decision, it puts the New York Yankees in a tough spot for 1 reason and 1 reason only; What if Cliff Lee decides he doesn't want to come to New York? Right? What if Cliff Lee passes us by and stays put inTexas? If that was to happen, the Yanks are screwed.

The 1 danger of waiting and waiting for the big fish is some of the little fish get caught up around you. And in the end, if the big fish swims away, the only thing left are a few tadpoles and some allgey. Wait, what the hell am I talking about? Anyway, you know what I mean. It puts the New York Yankees in a bad spot. The Red Sox lineup right now is built on speed and power. I'm pretty jealous quite frankly. Yes, I love the Yankees lineup, but with a down year from A-Rod and Jeet, I'm not going to lie, I'm alittle worried.

I get it though. I know the Yankees want great pitching and I personally really want Lee in our rotation. But considering Carl Crawford just signed a 7 year deal worth 142 million, There's no way Lee settles on a 140/6 contract. If I'm Cashman, I'm on the phone with Lee's agent right now sweetening the deal, to 150/7 because the markets out of whack and whether or not you think 140/6 is ridiculous, well that's irrelevant now, the Nationals threw a wrench into the whole free agent market with Werth's 126/7 contract. Yankees need to comment now 100 and break the bank if needed, because now it's not a question of wanting Lee, it's a question of Needing Lee.

Another factor you need to think about is; The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. Remeber them? They were the team that practically had the Crawford deal wrapped up until the Red Sox swept in and got Crawford. Now the Angels have the money to put toward a Cliff Lee, and why not? They lost out to the lead of hitter, but everyone knows pitching wins championships. Why NOT put an offer into Cliff Lee if your the Angels? It makes sense.

Cashman has a lot to think about. Yes, I love his style, but Theo Epstein, while he's equally talented, just took a page from the Cashman playbook, and this morning, all of New York is praying Cash's offer gets us Lee, otherwise it's all for nothing.

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