Friday, December 10, 2010


be-hoove [bih-hoov] verb: to be necessary or proper for.

Hank Steinbrenner:
“For somebody of that stature, it would certainly behoove him to be a Yankee, which would probably be for the rest of his career."

2 things
  1. The waiting game is killing me.
  2. Can someone shut Hank up? Honestly.
There's no doubt about. Tom Petty was right... "The waiting IS the hardest part." So far, the Evil Red Sox have schooled everyone in this years Winter Meetings, except for the athletes they are paying. Man oh man, it was not exactly what I expected. The Yankees don't have any tricks up their sleeves as of yet, and man oh man, everything is so public. If Cashman takes a piss, Buster Olney is reporting it.

So far this winter, the Yankees hand is exposed. Everyone knows what they're doing. They want Cliff Lee and they don't care who knows it, they just want it done. But waiting and waiting is giving me stress headaches because it's really not about if we get Cliff Lee. No, now it's about if we DON'T. Like I've stated, signings have happened and the Yanks haven't done anything while it's going on around them. They are trying to catch Moby Dick. It's Cashman, concentration, aggression and finesse. Hopefully you can also factor in alittle CC texting and maybe even a Jeter phone call, but who knows what it's going to take to get Cliff Lee to see the light. By Sunday, hopefully, Cliff Lee will decide he wants to be a New York Yankee, if Lee decides not to? Well, then we have some serious issues.

Russell Martin, former catcher for the Los Angeles Dodgers, while a smaller fish, is still an important fish, in my opinion. Like I said in WHAT THE BUCK? back on November 15th, A veteran, or in this case, an experienced catcher may be a good idea instead of a Montero, Cervelli platoon. You know I love Cervelli's passion, but the hitting isn't there and dare I say either is his defense. Signing a Russell Martin can help a lot. Personally, I think it would give a lot of Yankee fans a sigh of relief. The truth is, I think at this point, we just want to see signings in our favor, ANYTHING to better our club. Selfishly, I lashed out a friend of mine who happens to be an Evil Red Sox fan via text earlier today:

Me: Tell the red sox to stop hogging everyone. I want russell Martin. They r trying to take all the good players

K: We need a catcher!

Me: We need one. We have a old man behind the plate and a rookie named Jesus. Not going to happen.

K: We have v-tek who is 52 and Saltalamacchia who is eye-talian.

That's how it went down. Now, if you need to know anything about this woman, she's offensive toward Italians (That's a joke), but more importantly, she absolutely hates the New York Yankees. Any conversation about the Yankees and Red Sox turns vicious. So, what's my point? It's that same aggression by the Red Sox that's currently kicking our ass in this Free Agent market. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if the Red Sox were in on Lee too! Right now, anything can happen. That's just the way this winter is going so far.

So what does the fanatical Yankee fan do right now? Let me guess, you read the blogs like crazy looking for an update, and when you go to your favorite blog, and it's not updated, you get pissed. Well, welcome to my world.

I just want to see something happen, maybe a good bullpen pickup, a trade for alittle bench help, Lee, a solid catcher type like Martin. Give me something I can be happy about and maybe even think of something clever to write, because let's be honest, as a Yankee fan right now, waiting sucks. It could be worse though, you could be a Mets fan.

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  1. I truly hope Cliff Lee stays in TX. I just want to see the look on your face when that happens...


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