Tuesday, November 30, 2010


If anyone thinks the Rangers, Pettitte story is real? Don't believe it. Yes, if Pettitte wanted the best of both worlds, he WOULD sign a 1 year deal with the Texas Rangers. He's then closer to his family and he's still playing baseball, 1 more season, which is what he wants. The trouble is the story came out because there is no news on the Yankees and their Free Agent front right now, so any nugget is news... or not. Damn, we have to talk about something, don't we? It may be true that Nolan Ryan called Pettitte and maybe, just maybe, he felt him out about coming back to pitch, or maybe not (The Rangers are denying it) but let's face it, Pettitte stated that it's Yankees or retirement. That would mean one more taste of a championship with a team he knows he can win with, and then it's off to his Texas home waiting for his name to be put on the Hall of Fame ballot. That's another debate for another time.
The story that has really appealed to me and has obviously been leaked by Casey Close is the San Francisco Giants story. Allegedly, there has been contact between SF and Jeter about a job in San Fran, or maybe not... again, who knows. But, the only reason why this is interesting is the relationship factor. Brian Sabean now works in the offices of Giants. Brian Sabean used to work in the offices of Yankeeland. In fact, Sabean was there when the Yankees drafter a nobody shortstop with a flash of star power and playing ability named Derek Jeter back in 1992. The relationship runs deep. Could Sabean and the Giants woo Jeter and Close enough to get him to finish he career in San Francisco? Yes. Will it happen? No. I stand by my opinion that Jeter will die a New York Yankee. It's the only way. Right now though, the Yanks and Jeet are stuck at a stalemate and there's no sign of finalizing anything. Not going to lie, I didn't think this would ever happen between Jeter and the Yankees. As my cousin Brian said "This isn't fair to anyone." Plain and simple, that's the damn truth. By the way, Beckett Blog poked some fun at the whole situation. The baseball cards are funny. The Bosox one makes me sick to my stomach.

The Mariano front looks promising. "Secretly" is how it's being reported. Secretly they are "closing in on a deal." Good. Mariano is the guy you want to finish the game any time. Is he old? Yes, but he's also old reliable, and if you give the guy the ball for 9 pitches to close out a game every other day, magical things happens to your franchise... You have a chance to win it all. We need Mariano. I hope the deal gets done this week.

On the Lee front, what can I say, this is free agent season. How would you like to sit at home while your agent called you and drooled through the receiver about how much money you could make? You'd love it. That's what's happening right now. The ego trip has began. "Wow, they love me... they REALLY love me!" Personally, I like the fact that Lee could be in the Yankees rotation next year, but my God, the money is insane and the years for Lee are more insane. Whatever the case, I say, let's get him here and we'll figure it out later.

The Winter Meetings are coming. The Yankees never leave quietly, in fact, it should be called the Yankee Meetings. The meetings are a fun time to hear rumors and speculation. Keep it at Bleeding Yankee Blue to get all your info and God Bless the New York Yankees.

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