Tuesday, November 16, 2010


The GM meetings start today. The End.

According to the Cash Man, he doesn't expect anything to get done. I believe that. Luckily for the Yanks and a lot of teams, this is the time when groundwork is laid. The Granderson deal started at the GM meetings. Now, what will happen this year is anyone's guess. For some reason, with Crawford and Werth out there as free agents and the Yankees stating strongly that they don't want either of them to go to the Red Sox, I can't help but wonder if the Yankees, who can't help themselves (and I love this about them), may just make some type of sneak attack to bring one of them in, taking them away from the Evil Sox, and being victorious in the free agent market... because they can. Unfortunately, you know my feelings toward Swish and how it would be a horrible move for morale if Crawford or Werth came to New York and Swish was shipped out. Signing either of those guys means Swish's days in pinstripes are over. That can't happen. It shouldn't happen. Swish is just too popular, has such an enormous presence and needs to stay in New York. Hell, I've said it before and I'll say it again because I'm so impressed; they have a huge Saturday Night Live campaign on Facebook to get Nick Swisher to host the show. Look for We Want Nick Swisher to host SNL. Join the Campaign. If that's not a following, I don't know what. Next will be the Tea Party. Haha.

Anyway, the Cash Man is THAT kind of negotiatior. He can look blankly at reporters and tell them nothing as he chooses his words wisely. Usually, that means something's to happen but you don't know what. You think you know, and then, when it happens, it's bigger than anything you could have imagined. Remember Mark Teixeira? Johnny Damon? Roger Clemens? Huge names, big stage performers.

I also wanted to point out 2 things that will NOT happen for sure.

  1. The Yankees will not sign Zack Grienke. STOP TALKING ABOUT IT. The kid can't handle New York, he's admitted it and the Yankees learned their lesson from other pitchers who complained to the media about New York. Randy Johnson, Javier Vasquez and the like. FORGET IT. The Yankee Fans will go nuts.
  2. And speaking of nuts, is there really any reason to float a piece about the Yankees backup plan to Cliff Lee being Carl Pavano? This is a joke right? It would be ridiculous to think that that waste of space would provide any stability to the Yankees rotation. He's a loser. The only way he comes to New York is if he pays us, what was it? 38 million? Even then the dude would show up with a broken rib and bad knee. Who ever wrote that piece got what they wanted, pissed off Yankee fans like me who thinks that's ridiculous.

Don't expect much the next 3 days, just a lot of talk, a lot of pictures of Cashman on the phone, and a lot of rumors that would never ever happen. God, I love the off season.

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