Friday, October 22, 2010


There is something I need to get off my chest... if you say it's DO OR DIE, THEN IT'S A DO OR DIE SITUATION. If you don't mean it, then don't talk about it in a press conference where millions of Yankee fans are hanging on to your last word. Every fan in Yankeeland didn't want to use the guys that we thought would be pitching in the World Series, but you don't get to the World Series unless you use those guys!

Shame on you Girardi! Tonight, you had a CC Monster in the bullpen ready to pounce on 1 day of rest, a rested Moseley who kicks ass and would do it again if you asked, even Burnett, and every other reliever... and God Damnit... you should have used them in that order. WHY? Because the Rangers are used to the way your handling you're bullpen and not how I just suggested you use it. They are not good at change and they are stumped when it's any other way. Stop using your charts!

You got to blame Girardi tonight. No doubt. It was disgraceful. He was lazy. Let's face it. Colby Lewis was hittable and it showed tonight. Now, while the Yanks didn't hit, I'm honestly not mad at that as much as I am at managing the bullpen. It is not Hughes who I am pissed at...It wasn't even Robertson.... although, I'm alittle pissed at him... it's the manager... OMFG.

Also, hitting wise, let's examine...No small ball tonight, not even moving the runner over. We are not in our park, we HAVE to do some small ball. Obviously, home runs alone are not going to do it.

It was a disgraceful display but mostly in choosing pitching tonight. You had everyone available except Pettitte... do it bro...DO IT GIRARDI!

So, What did we learn... The Yankees are not invincible. Hitting doesn't always happen in the Post Season for New Y0rk. The Yankees are just another team. That Bleeding Yankee Blue is a great website for information, humor and fun. All that is true. But the reality is...I really wanted the Yankees to go back to the World Series and win. I'm sad. I'm alone.

There may be a few days of blog silence. Respect it. I hate to lose. But check back, because rebuilding is in the making. God Bless the New York Yankees.

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  1. I'm going to start a petition. Help me spread the word on Twitter! (I'm @jeffbartley) #FIREGIARDI

  2. I don't think he used the bullpen well. But let's be honest here. The Yankees got blown away in that series. Simply blown away. Nobody except Cano hit and the pitching except for Andy and Mo varied from extremely mediocre to frighteningly brutal. Joe has his flaws but so did the other Joe. I remember him being harshly criticized each and every year the Yankees fell short. This loss cannot be laid at the feet of Joe Girardi. My biggest complaint with him were his incessant two out intentional walks.

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  4. Doug, good point. Now that the smoke has cleared, I see it your way... Totally. Thanks for commenting, please keep it up and let your friends know about this site.


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